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"You were absolutely instrumental in our birth process!  Not only were you incredibly knowledgeable -which helped to ease any fear/anxiety, you were beyond helpful in every way, shape and form right down to the little details like making me drink my gatorade and helping me on with my undies!! :)  Video, photos....I could go on!

Your spirit was so wonderful, so much so that it made such an impression on me, only knowing you for 6 hours that I felt it so necessary for you to be at my birth!

You dropped everything for us and found child care in a last minute situation.  We are truly, truly grateful!!  Hands down you have chosen the right profession!" -Danielle, Jordan, Jackson, Rowan and Willow, 2009

"Nicole's help was a godsend for me during my last birth. She reduced a large amount of stress I was having dealing with the nurses and doctors. I highly recommend her helping you out. She’s on your side and we all need someone on our side when we’re in such a vulnerable time."  -Laura Elend, Milton 2009

"I have previously had two other sons, delivered in hospitals (with epidurals), but without a Doula present.  Something I have always wanted to do is have Natural Childbirth and when I found out I was expecting a 3rd child, I knew I had to find a way to do it.  Through a friend, I was introduced to Nicole and met her.  I immediately liked her and found her very easy to talk to and her calming energy was very evident. 

Nicole came to our home and we talked over some of the things that we were looking for in our birth experience.  I had definite ideas, and she was very accommodating.  I know my husband was glad to have someone else there for us also.

We had a good plan set up and then we just needed to await "the day".  When it finally arrived, and I arrived with my husband at the hospital, Nicole met us there.  She knew exactly what to do to help me.  By then my contractions were coming right after one another, and what Nicole did to help me relax, words cannot describe how much of a calming effect she had on me.  I was very, very glad she was there.  Between her and my husband's support I wasn't even thinking of using any pain relieving drugs (which had been a worry of mine that I would end up wanting them "in the heat of the moment").  Nicole was putting pressure on my back through each contraction and just where I needed it to be.  Her calming words and encouragement, made me loose myself in the time and just focus on what I had to do.

At the end of the labour, when my son was to be born, he had shoulder dystocia, and a normal labour scene turned into a very very scary moment, as the midwives and hospital staff came in the room and did everything they could to try and get our son out.  Through all this, Nicole stayed right by my side, talked me through the whole thing.  I felt supported and cared for in a very special way.

In the end, it all turned out ok, and our son was fine, but it was such an intense time and my husband said he was glad Nicole was there too.  It really helped him feel at ease and to know that he had support also.

I am so very happy to have met Nicole at the time I did and it was an absolute pleasure to have her attend the birth of our last child.  I finally had the experience I had always wanted and a large part was due to having such a caring and supportive team with me.  I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who might even be considering the use of a doula in their pregnancy, labour and delivery. Attending a birth must be one of the most special things anyone can do, witnessing new life coming into our world.  Nicole's gentle spirit and practical approach to your care and plan will be something I know, you and your family will benefit from.

I am available for a reference anytime for my dear new friend, Nicole.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you might have any questions."  -Judy and Don  (an exert from their reference letter), 2008

"I can't tell in a couple of words how much I enjoyed giving birth to our little Danika. I was so inspired by the literature I found and I knew this was the chance of a life time, to experience giving birth in a gentle, loving ambiance with my husband... This is certainly one of the best moments of my life.  Thank you for providing information and inspiration to women seeking more gentle choices for their babies births."

-Catalina, mother of Danika Harris, St. Catherines 2007

"We couldn't have been happier with our choice to hire Nicole for my pregnancy, labour and post-partum period. Nicole's knowledge is vast, her compassion is deep and her skills are too many to list!  She was a key part of what made my son's birth (and my choice to stay at home) a hugely positive experience." C.H. Guelph 2014

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