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Around the world there are traditions of mothering the new mother for 22 to 40 or more days after giving birth, honoring her new role and responsibilities as a mother.  Healing from childbirth and transitioning into motherhood or adding another child to the family is serious stuff and takes a lot of work.  Nobody can do it on their own, it takes a team to support the growth of a family (or a village to raise a child as they say).  

Being well rested, nourished and cared for makes all the difference during this major transition, doulas can help with those things.

A doula does not come in and take over the house hold (unless you want her to), but instead supports the family where they need it most to ease their transition.  I will be able to offer some tricks of the trade that you may not be thinking of during those exhausting first few weeks that I have acquired in all my experience working with new families.  I can do anything the mother or family need me to.  Only the family can tell me exactly what they anticipate needing.

This could mean but is not limited to:

  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Infant Care Instruction
  • Birth Debriefing
  • Running Errands
  • Caring For Other Family Members (including the furry, feathered and scaled ones!)   
  • House Work and/or Yard Work
  • Meal Preparation, Serving & Clean Up.  Meal Planning/Food Shopping
  • Or maybe the new mom would like somebody she can trust to care for the baby while she bathes, sleeps, or eats and takes care of herself 

The list of things a postpartum doula can do is really endless and so are the benefits of having one.  A mother doesn't have to be overwhelmed or having challenges to need a postpartum doula, the idea is to prevent those things from happening in the first place.  In fact research has proven that doulas reduce the risk of postpartum mood disorders like postpartum depression and anxiety significantly, and allow for increased breastfeeding success rates. 

Huge percentages of women experience some sort of mood disorder within the first year after having a baby.  Because of this it has come to be viewed as normal.  There is a big difference in between common and normal.  I believe there are many different contributing factors, I also believe that using the placenta and/or having a doula can decrease the risk significantly.

Wouldn't it be nice for the mother to put all her focus on herself and the baby while leaving the dinner and dishes to the doula?  In our culture we undervalue the important healing and therapeutic power of rest.  Allow yourself the rest you need and deserve and leave everything else to me.

If you hire me as your postpartum doula you get a woman that fills the roles of:

  • Breastfeeding Expert
  • Friendly and Non-judgmental Listening Ear
  • House Keeper
  • Laundress
  • Nanny
  • Personal Assistant
  • Personal Chef 
  • Pet Sitter
  • Postpartum/Newborn Expert

All for the price of one doula!

Some things I specifically have experience with but am not limited to are:

  • A Huge Range of Breastfeeding Challenges
  • Babywearing
  • Birth Trauma
  • Colicky Babies
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Infant Massage
  • Survivors of Abuse
  • Postpartum Mood Disorders Like Anxiety, Psychosis and Depression
  • Single Parents
  • Women Experiencing Postpartum Complications
  • Substance Abuse
  • Young Parents
  • Cloth Diapering / Diaper Free
  • Families From Other Cultures 
  • Families Who do Not Speak English
  • Any Pet You Could Possibly Have

By becoming a First Breath client you are also given the benefits of:

  • Access to my carefully selected lending library of books, magazines, CD`s, DVD`s and equipment
  • Invites to special events put on by First Breath such as movie and information nights
  • $45 off a Labour Pool Rental
  • $45 off a Placenta Service
  • A Belly Cast Session for only $95
Must book a minimum of 10 visits or the dozen visits package to receive discounts/gifts. 

Postpartum Support Options

Non-obligatory interview followed by a Free consultation to initiate all postpartum support agreements.

Overnight Support

$69/night for sleepovers  -No minimum required  

What's a sleepover?  I come to sleepover at your house and wake during the night to support your family.  The shift runs from 11 pm - 5 am. 

Daytime Support

$65/visit -No minimum required.  ($55/visit for labour clients, up to 10 visits at this price)

After every 10 regularly priced visits get one FREE! 

Daytime visits are approximately 2.5 hours.  

Visits are available by appointment: 

Monday through Friday 10 am - 2:30 pm / 6 pm - 11 pm

Weekends, hours vary

Daytime Phone Support 9 am - 9 pm $30

Moonlight Phone Support 9 pm - 9 am $40

* Must have an initial home visit to access phone support.  

Phone support sessions could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the situation. They are a pay as you go service.

*Travel fees apply outside of the city of Guelph.  Approx. $10/trip when 20 minutes from my address, $15/trip 30 minutes away, $20/trip 45 minutes. Please always feel free to ask for a travel quote.

Contact me today to set up a non-obligatory interview.  Payment Plan Available to All Clients When Booking 5+ Postpartum Visits.


Package Pricing: A Dozen Doula Visits for $700 

*Must be booked as a package not accumulated individual visits.