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First Breath has been providing labour pool rentals in Guelph and around Southern Ontario since 2007.  I take special care and pride in maintaining and sanitizing my pools properly.  I take the sanitizing very seriously and use a hospital grade cleaning solution.  I also test all equipment each time it returns to ensure it's efficiency.

I offer heated labour pools that have been designed specifically for labouring and giving birth in by Waterbirth International, a project of Global Maternal / Child Health Association.  Waterbirth International has been helping women get in water and educating caregivers since 1990, and doing an amazing job!

No worries about emptying cold water to refill with hot which can be messy, distracting to the mother and more work for birth attendants.  Fill the pool with hot water and it stays hot for as long as you need it to.  The pools are big enough for the mother and her partner to assume any position she might like to labour and birth in.  They are hard sided (not inflatable) and foam insulated which makes them strong enough to support the mother and her birth attendants leaning on it with no concerns and also really good at holding the heat.  If your midwife asks; the pools are round not oval.

The $300 rental fee covers everything you need for a water-labour.  All you need are towels!

Delivery and pick up are free in Guelph only.

$250 for labour doula clients.

                     Please reserve a pool early to avoid disappointment!              

Click here to find out more about the First Breath Labour Pool Rental.

Beth Murch says and I agree; "People have been using water to soothe aches, pains, anxieties, chase away demons, and to cleanse themselves of impurities for all of history. Those of us who have experienced menstrual cramping know that a hot bath can be a blessing- it makes sense that someone realized that stepping into their tub during labour would be comforting. Once considered eccentric, waterbirth is now fairly mainstream with expectant families."