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You may be thinking; "Why on earth would anyone want to keep their placenta?!" 

Well it is certainly not a new idea.  Indigenous people have been using their placenta as an aid in healing both physically and spiritually from birth probably since the beginning of time, whether or not anyone wants to admit it.  I realize it is a far out there idea for most people, that is where I come in; I can take the "ick" factor out of utilizing your placenta so you can benefit from all it may have to offer you without getting your hands messy.


80% of women today experience some sort of mood disorder within the first year after having a baby.  Because of this staggering statistic it has come to be viewed as normal.  There is a big difference between common and normal. I believe there are many different contributing factors involved with women in our North American cultures having such difficulties after childbearing, but we do know that using the placenta and/or having a doula could decrease the risks of encountering challenges.


First Breath Placenta Services are unfortunately, temporarily unavailable to new clients without a referral. Please check back at a later time. There are wonderful placenta service providers here in Guelph, as in Ashley Whittaker - Little River Doula, find her website here and let her know you found her through First Breath.

If you have used any First Breath service in the past I will serve you again. If you have a referral from a past First Breath client, family member, or friend please contact me with the referral name to request your agreement.


Mother's Little Helpers Package $300

Includes your precious placenta made into capsules using the Traditional Chinese Medicine method that can be taken during the weeks following the birth, as well as placenta tincture that can be used for years to come. The tincture comes in 2 sizes; a larger one to keep at home and a travel size. 

Placenta Capsules à la carte $250

Add the labour pool rental to your capsules for only $215 (regular $300)

Placenta Tincture - set of 2 à la carte $100

Brandy tincture set of 2 bottles: 1/2 Cup total tincture, droppers included

Placenta Tincture Refill $20

1 Cup tincture for 2 refills to extend your tincture use

Doula clients receive a $50 discount on placenta services.

A travel fee of $0.50/km applies to all pick-ups and deliveries outside of the city of Guelph.

Please contact Guelph Placenta to receive the Placenta Service Agreement that must be completed prior to working with your placenta.  This is to be arranged prenatally.  Be sure not to leave this until last minute, limited spaces available each month. *Guelph Placenta will require proof of prenatal blood results, signed agreement and initial payment for bookings to be locked in the calendar. 


   Contact: GuelphPlacenta@FirstBreath.ca



Book early to avoid disappointment!

If you have already had your baby please contact me ASAP! 

 If you have a placenta in the freezer please contact me to assess if it is suitable for preparation.

Parents: Are you interested in preparing your placenta yourself?

If so please click here.

Baby's First Breath has been providing professional placenta services since 2010. I take the whole process very seriously, from sanitation, to quality control and of course, spiritual sensitivity.  

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has recognized the placenta as powerful medicine. It is used to augment the Qi (energy), nourish the blood, and augment the kidney essence.  It's believed that it replenishes what's been lost from the birth and balances the body to allow efficient healing.

Using your placenta could protect you from the symptoms resulting from the hormonal drop that occurs after childbirth because the placenta contains these hormones:

  • Gonadotrophin: The precursor to estrogen, progesterone and testosterone
  • Prolactin: The main hormone to promote lactation.  The "parenting hormone"
  • Oxytocin: Helps to cope with pain and enhance bonding of mother and infant.  Helps to shrink uterus back to normal size. In pharmaceutical form this is a very addictive drug because it promotes a feeling of contentedness with others and is often referred to as the “love” hormone.
  • Cortisone: Combats stress and unlocks stores of energy
  • Interferon: Stimulates the immune system to protect against infections
  • Prostaglandins: Anti-inflammatory.  New research has found inflammation to be a leading cause of depression, including postpartum depression
  • Hemoglobin: Replenishes iron deficiency and anemia which can interfere with healing and breastmilk production
  • Urokinase inhibiting factor and factor XIII: Stops bleeding and enhances wound healing
  • Gammaglobulin: Immune booster that helps protect against infections
  • Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone: Reduces stress - postpartum women have a less than average amount of corticotropin-releasing hormone
  • Human Placental Lactogen (hPL [Human Chorionic Somatomammotropin]): This hormone is lactogenic and growth-promoting properties. It promotes mammary gland growth in preparation for lactation in the mother. It also regulates maternal glucose, protein, and fat levels so that they were always available to the fetus.
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone:

It also contains:

  • Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor (POEF): Aids your body's ability to cope with the pain experienced after birth
  • High levels of protein: The building block of life
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Stem cells: A class of undifferentiated cells that are able to differentiate into specialized cell types, primordial stem cells
  • Lysozyme: Enzymes that break down cell walls of harmful bacteria
  • Kinase: Enzymes that are used extensively to transmit signals and control complex processes in cells
  • Histaminase:  Enzyme involved in the metabolism, oxidation, and inactivation of histamine within the digestive tract
  • Oxyticinases: A protein of 1025 amino-acids
  • Phosphorus: Essential for life, forms all cell membranes
  • Sugars

New ideas can be scary sometimes but time changes this and forget not that just a very short time ago we believed "once a cesarean always a cesarean".  Now we know that VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) is safer and healthier for mothers and babies.  This is just one birth related example of how things seem scary when we don't yet understand them fully.

"I though the whole thing was kind of ridiculous when I first heard about it. I kept hearing from women how great they felt after taking their placenta capsules.  I struggled with postpartum depression after my first was born and was willing to give anything a try to avoid that happening again.  Nicole was very professional and discrete, and she made me feel at ease about the upcoming birth after only chatting with her for a few minutes. 

I can't even begin to explain the difference in how I felt this time taking the capsules compared to after my first birth.  I had only tears of joy not sadness.  I had feared I wouldn't have enough energy to care for two children knowing how exhausted I was after my first, but I had tons of energy!  The transition the second time around was a completely different experience, so much more positive.   I believe I felt this way thanks to the placenta capsules."   

Rachel O. 2014-Guelph

"Alicia Silverstone was a guest on Oprah and she shared that having her placenta encapsulated was a really positive choice for her. The post delivery pain I experienced with my first child in 2013 was not something I wanted to go through again. I was ready to try anything that might help me heal faster and feel better the next time around. I decided to look into placenta pills during my second pregnancy.  


My experience with Nicole was wonderful. She was lovely to speak with and the entire process was simple and seamless. I loved my "happy pills" as I called them. My healing was much faster and less painful. I was also calm, rested and in a much better place to enjoy my toddler and my new baby. I cried less, slept better and my milk supply was more plentiful. I attribute the superior quality of my post natal health with my second child to my placenta pills.


Encapsulating my placenta was the #1 best thing I did for myself as a mother. I highly recommend all moms try it! It was everything I hoped it would be. 


Thank you First Breath!"


Ryan K, Guelph 2015