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                 Guelph Doula Network
Are you a doula in the Guelph area?  Or maybe you're training / aspiring to become one?  

If so I would love to meet you!  Perinatal professionals (or those aspiring) of any type 

are welcome in the Guelph Doula Network.
I cordially invite you to join me for doula connections on the dates below.  Feel free to bring snacks or children. No RSVP required, drop in anytime.   We will meet sometime in the 3rd week of each month.  Coffee and tea are available at the back of the dinning room, please help yourselves at any time.  I do recommend bringing your own spill proof cup (like a travel mug) to avoid any accidents with hot beverages.  And they don't have non-dairy milk for the coffee/tea so if you like almond milk and honey pre-dress your mug.  I will have a variety of my favorite teas for sharing in the chapel room. 

Please always confirm the date, time and location of meetings as they are subject to change.  Visit this page, join the Guelph Doula Network Yahoo! group (an email hub) here or the Guelph Doula Network Facebook group.  Better yet, contact Nicole 519-831-9640 or Dawn 519-993-7103.
Welcome to the New Guelph Doula Network 

Tuesday January 20th, 11 am - 1 pm.  

The Guelph Lake Commons.  520 Victoria Road North, Guelph, ON N1E 0E6.  3rd floor, in the Chapel Room.  See map here.

Meet and greet other local doulas.  Bring your business cards and get ready to share with the group who you are and what you offer.  I have a business card binder that I would love to have filled!  

Join the Facebook event here.
Doula Outreach Brainstorming

Friday February 20th, 10 am - 12 pm.

The Guelph Lake Commons.  520 Victoria Road North, Guelph, ON N1E 0E6.   3rd floor, in the Chapel Room.   See map here.

At this month’s Guelph Doula Network meeting we will be brainstorming ways to reach out to the community, focusing on May for doula / midwives / nurses month. 
What other types of exposure could we generate for ourselves?

Let's get together and chat-it-out.   Join the facebook event here.
Become a Shutterbug Doula

Wednesday March 18th, 7 pm - 9 pm.

The Guelph Lake Commons.  520 Victoria Road North, Guelph, ON N1E 0E6.    3rd floor, in the Chapel Room.  See map here.

Join us for photography tips shared by Paige Toxopeus.   If someone passes you a camera at a birth and you want to capture the moment in a delicate way, without cutting anyone's head off, but aren't quite sure how, this meeting is for you.

Paige graduated from Conestoga College's journalism program and worked at the Guelph Tribune for 5 years as a reporter photographer. Currently she is a stay at home mom offering photography as a home business.  

Join the facebook event here.
First Breath is Proud to Present Guest Speaker Beth Murch, 

Founder of Revolutionary Doula Training

Wednesday April 15th, 7 pm - 9 pm

The Guelph Lake Commons.  520 Victoria Road North, Guelph, ON N1E 0E6.   3rd floor, in the Chapel Room.  See map here. 
Beth Murch has mentored many of Kitchener-Waterloo's finest doulas, founded Placenta Squad (a networking group for birth professionals) and co-founded the Kitchener-Waterloo Doula Collective. Her doula practice is founded on principles of social justice, meaning she strives to assist in creating a community that is based on the beliefs of equality, solidarity, the importance of human rights, and the understanding that all people deserve equal access to the benefits of society, regardless of race, creed, faith, age, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, dis/abilities, etc. You may have seen her in places like Wilfrid Laurier University, Wilfrid Laurier's School of Social Work, University of Waterloo, and the Breastfeeding Buddies Conference (2012) speaking about issues like supporting survivors of sexual assault and birth trauma through birth and breastfeeding, doulas and reproductive justice, and natural childbirth as environmental justice.

She holds a combined Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, where her area of specialization was the religious and spiritual experiences of women during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. She has also undertaken comprehensive education through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association of Canada (CAPPA), Ontario Perinatal School (OPS), and Healing Arts Learning Organization (HALO). 

Beth is also the founder of Revolutionary Doula Training, please visit her site here.
Beth will be educating us on supporting clients with past trauma; what to be aware of as a support worker, how the birth or adjustment period may be affected, what language is most appropriate and how to be as helpful as possible.

With the stats being what they are today I believe this is one of the most important topics for support people at all levels to be aware of.  As such I open this one up to my peer support co-workers, please join us for an evening of education on an issue that you will surely come across while serving so many families on the front lines in our community.
Meet the Local Doulas at Stone Road Mall

Saturday May 30th 9 am - 9 pm

The Association of Ontario Doulas - WWDGR (Wellington-Waterloo-Dufferin-Guelph Regions) will host the first (hopefully of many) "Meet the Doulas" events at Stone Road Mall from open until close.  Everyone in the community who would like to meet the doulas are welcome to stop by and say hello.  Parents, care providers, everybody who is interested in doulas is welcome to meet and greet the Association of Ontario Doulas who serve Guelph.  Past and present clients are encouraged to visit us as well. We'll have chocolate!  


Doula Summer Social

July, Somewhere Outside -suggestions or offers to host are welcomed.

Summertime Social.  Bring a snack (or don't!), sit back and relax and enjoy some social time with each other -we deserve it!


Carseat Safety

Thursday 17th September 1 pm - 3 pm

The Guelph Lake Commons.  520 Victoria Road North, Guelph, ON N1E 0E6.   3rd floor, in the Chapel Room.  See map here.

Alainna Smith, CRST is a Children's Restraint Systems Technician (CRST), trained and certified by the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada.  She offers pre and postnatal child restraint installation appointments, as well as general information and seat recommendations.  

I believe that even in a doula's world of mis-information that this topic is one of the worst.  I hear completely inaccurate information being spread and down right dangerous practices run rampant among parents.  Sharing information on best practices is our job, come on out and learn how to inform your clients of the safety rules when using child restraint systems and where to direct them to find creditable information.



Happy Holidays.  Let's wrap this year up.


The Guelph Doula Network will join the Association of Ontario Doulas - WWDGR in saying goodbye to 2015 while sharing our successes of the year.  All perinatal professionals are welcome.

Please send presentation proposals, questions / suggestions / requests for the group to Nicole.  This group is for you -the doulas, so let me know how you would like it to roll.

Join the Guelph Doula Network Facebook group here and the Yahoo! group here.  All perinatal pros are welcomed.