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What can a Labour Doula do for you?

A labour doula or birth doula offers information, resources, and both emotional and physical support during pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period.  No matter what your plan or situation is she will support you every step of the way however you need her to.  She can help you feel confident about your upcoming birth and meeting the needs of a newborn.   

In no way will she ever take over the role of your partner, the relationship between the two of you is untouchable.  Instead the doula supports both of you and creates an environment which allows the partner to be as involved as they want to be.  Having a doula will prevent the partner from having to exhaust themselves and go hours without a break.  When the baby comes out is when the real work begins and it's wonderful if the partner can begin that work with some stamina left. 

It's incredibly hard to explain what the intuition of a doula looks like; she just knows -knows exactly what parents need from moment to moment to be comfortable and relaxed.

Even though doulas all share some common goals and have similarities we are all individuals and you will "click" better with some than others.  Every doula is different, find the one that's right for you, interview a few and find the one you can envision sharing your birth experience with.   


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What can a Postpartum Doula do for you?

Whether it be a mom's first or sixth child a postpartum doula can help a woman and her family ease the transition of welcoming a newborn in many ways.  That could mean; newborn care, breastfeeding support, care for older siblings or pets, cooking, house work, running errands, or anything else the new mom might need. Many parents have enjoyed being able to spend more time together focusing on the baby while having a postpartum doula.  

Every doula is different, find the one that's right for you, interview a few and find the one you can envision inviting into your home to support your growing family.

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I am driven to support women and their families through the perinatal period.  I believe that every woman is an individual and as such has unique plans and desires, I am here to help her fulfill those desires.  Each client will have different needs and I am willing to meet each woman wherever she is in her current life.

I have experience working with many types of women and families planning all sorts of births and postpartum experiences.  

See my labour and postpartum support pages for descriptions of experience I have relating to each field.

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Please choose the doula that feels like "the right fit" for you and your plans.  New doulas may not have the same level of experience as more seasoned doulas but they can still provide fantastic support and if they have someone they can call on if they become stumped that's even better.  I encourage parents to go with their guts when interviewing doulas. 

Ask for a doula as a baby shower gift.  Gift certificates available in any amount on the shopping page.  Who better than another mother who has the training, experience and has been through it herself to come and mother the new mother?  No one!