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First Breath knows how difficult it can be to provide for a growing family which is why all prices are kept as low as possible.  The prices I ask are only to sustain the cost of running the practice and still be able to have some left over to help support my family's humble cost of living.  I offer high quality services that require on going training, I can't be the best doula I can be if I'm cutting corners everywhere to lower the cost of hiring me.  

I can't keep First Breath open if I don't charge enough to cover operational expenses, and if that's all I do is cover expenses despite the countless hours, sacrifice, professionalism and heart & soul I pour into this work then my family's bills don't get paid and I have to find a new career.  Think I'm crazy?  Feel free to inquire in more detail about what goes into my fees.  Read here for another doula's point of view on the matter.

On this page is where you will find the prices squeezed down even further, enjoy!


Placenta Encapsulation & Labour Pool Combo $550  $485

This service combo pricing is always available.  Save $65 anytime! 

Not to be combined with other offers.  

Upgrade to include placenta tincture in this combo for an extra $50.

Limited Time Offer: 

Belly Casting Session for only $95!

  A fun and amazing way to preserve the memory of a pregnancy. By applying casting strips to a beautiful pregnant form, a 3D memento is created that can then be decorated any way you can think of.  The design possibilities are endless!

~ Love your body and be creative ~

                                                                                          Click here for more info.

Returning Labour Pool 

Rental  Clients

1st time back - $25 off

2nd time back - $40 off

3rd or more times back - $50 off

Not to be combined with other offers.

Returning Placenta 

Service Clients

1st time back - $25 off

2nd time back - $35 off

3rd or more times back - $45 off

Not to be combined with other offers.

All Labour Doula & Postpartum Doula Clients are Entitled to:

  • $45 off a Labour Pool Rental
  • $45 off a Placenta Service
  • Belly Cast Session for only $95

Labour Clients receive extra postpartum visits at $55/visit  *up to 10 visits at the discount. 

Postpartum clients must book 10+ postpartum visits to receive discounts.
                                           Not to be combined with other offers. Travel charges apply outside of  the city of Guelph.

Perinatal Professional Courtesy 

If you are a local perinatal professional and are interested in any of my offerings please send me an email or fill out the contact form letting me know your EDD and what you are interested in, and I will give you quotes showing some professional courtesy.

Contact form is here.